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Kathryn Rosson, Oregon

Real Estate

Kathryn Rosson is an experienced project manager in Portland, Oregon, who has dedicated her life to providing stellar customer service to her clients and employers. 

Though Kathryn currently works in the real estate industry, she has previously worked in cosmetics, botanical preparations, and information technology. 

In her real estate business, Kathryn Rosson targets historic homes in many of Portland’s iconic neighborhoods. She takes these historic homes and adds value to them by researching architects, builders, and owners. Kathryn’s research allowed her to prove a home was designed by architect Roscoe Hemenway, which led to an offer of $125,000 over the listed price for the home. Additionally, Kathryn Rosson project manages to ready the house for the market through home detail, personal property dispersal, landscape preparation, estate sale, and more.

Kathryn Rosson is a self-motivated professional with a proven track record in project management. She’s managed projects in several areas, including sales, social service, construction, and information technology. Her success in her field has shown her to be a proven sales professional, project manager, and change manager. Kathryn is experienced in program development and contract administration, using her excellent communication skills to negotiate and execute contracts. 

Kathryn didn’t get her skills from thin air. Her credentials have pushed her ahead in her field, giving her a basis to fall back on when working in both familiar and unfamiliar fields. Kathryn Rosson completed her Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Business at Marylhurst University, then furthered her Sustainable Business education by receiving her M.B.A. in the subject at Green Mountain College. Additionally, Kathryn attended the Project Management Institute and became a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). 

Her time in education didn’t end once she completed her degrees. Kathryn Rosson spent a year working for Portland Public Schools in several positions. She acted as the IT Liaison to the Office of School Modernization, where she reviewed and set the district’s IT infrastructure standards while finding cost-saving alternatives for OSM projects. 

As the Senior Manager of Infrastructure in the district, Kathryn led a team of 16 system and network administrator professionals to create a Network Operations Center that worked with the facilities team. She further proved her management skills as the Senior Manager of Client Services for the school district by leading an organizational restructure of fifteen service desk professionals. She also implemented agile project management that improved the relations between the Client Services Desk and 55,000 customers in over 95 locations.

As a sales professional, Kathryn Rosson has acted as an independent consultant for several companies. She co-owned Eclectic Medical Publications, where she attended trade shows to sell historical and clinical research into botanical preparations. This research showed how these botanical preparations interacted with pharmaceuticals for her many health care professional clients. Kathryn also acted as a freelance makeup artist and department manager. Additionally, she was an instructor for PMP Exam Preparation Boot Camp and an adjunct instructor at Clackamas Community College. 

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