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Real Estate Agent

The world of real estate can be an incredibly lucrative vocation if you know what to expect when you start. From dealing with nightmare clients to chasing down time-wasting deals, there are various hard-learned lessons that will come during the first year of any real estate job.

Here are just a few of the lessons that you can expect to learn during your first year as an agent.

  1. Be Ready to Have Your Time Wasted

One thing that you need to prepare for, particularly during your early days, is the amount of time that you will spend chasing after deals that fall through.

While it can be difficult to accept, something as simple as a buyer losing their job or an appraisal coming in below expectations can literally cause a deal to disappear into thin air.

  1. Get Comfortable With the Word “No”

As an agent, you can expect to hear this word a lot, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. However, it is crucial to learn how to politely accept rejection if you ever want to get anywhere in real estate. The easiest way of doing this is by simply treating every no as one step closer to a yes.

  1. Get Comfortable Handling Difficult People

Working in real estate can often bring you into contact with tough people, usually because they’re going through some rough times. While you need to learn how to deal with these individuals, it’s also important to realize that they are not always the most pleasant people in the world.

  1. Be Willing to Take Risks

Another lesson you’ll receive is just how much risk comes with working in real estate. While there will be many times when things go perfectly, there will also be times when you can expect to lose your shirt (and then some).

  1. There Are No Normal Deals

One of the biggest lessons learned during the first year in real estate is that there are no normal deals. While some people want to deal, others don’t, and it can be nearly impossible to tell which is which at first.

If you prepare yourself for the unexpected today, you can work your way towards success in one of the most lucrative careers around.