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Portland Oregon

Portland has a lot of history, but there’s no better time to learn about that history than when you’re buying a home in one of the area’s beautiful districts. If you are considering moving to Portland, here is a short overview of the historic districts that this city is proud to call home.

What Is the National Register of Historic Places Designation?

The National Register of Historic Places is an honorary designation awarded by the National Park Service for places of historical significance in an area. A plaque can be put on the structure to announce its award, but these are not mandatory.

Many homes in Portland’s historic neighborhoods are designated as part of the National Register of Historic Places but not all, which may make a difference in where you may choose to live.

One benefit of being on the register is that these homes can benefit from a 20% tax investment credit on their property. You can also take advantage of grant programs to help you maintain and upgrade your historic home! 

Portland’s Historic District

Portland’s Historic Districts are a mix of traditional neighborhoods and more modern, urban-style ones. If you live in one of the designated areas such as Ladd’s Addition or Irvington, your home is part of this designation that protects it from any drastic changes to its appearance. Historic districts such as these usually remain stable and will increase in value over time even as the properties continue to age.

To make updates to a home in the historic districts of Portland, you must apply and pass through the Historic Review process, which has been created to stop alterations of the home’s historical material and design.

Portland’s Conservation District

There are six neighborhoods in Portland that are designated as part of the Conservation District. The main difference setting Conservation Districts apart is their local significance rather than national history. This makes construction, renovation, and demolishing of these homes more flexible than historic homes and neighborhoods.

Conservation District neighborhoods are protected from redevelopment by existing laws and regulations. This helps to maintain high property values by protecting the architectural details that help define a neighborhood.

So which neighborhood will you choose? No matter where you decide to put down roots, you can rest assured that you are writing yet another story in Portland’s famous history!